Creating An Automated Traffic System To Promote Your Capture Pages

After setting up your capture page and email system (as explained in the How Can People Follow If You Do Not Lead? post) the only things you need to focus on doing are:

  • Driving traffic to your capture page
  • Sending emails to your subscribers

The first thing I want to talk about is TRAFFIC.

Traffic is the life blood of any online business, and that includes YOURS, yes if you are trying to make money online then you have a business. If you want to get referrals, make sales, build your income in any way then you NEED TRAFFIC.

However……. there is a misconception that the more traffic sites you use each day the better. This is NONSENSE. It is much better to focus on building traffic levels over time on a few select sites. You should aim to increase traffic levels SLOWLY BUT SURELY. Think about it like turning on a tap a little at first, and turning it into a waterfall.

Directly under the tap is where the most water hits, when the tap is opened more the ground it covers gets wider and wider. You do not want to try and throw a little water (traffic) here there and everywhere. You want to FOCUS attention and learn how to open the tap a little more at a time.

When you do this you CAN continually scale up your traffic levels.

When you do the here there and everywhere method you CANNOT scale up. This is why most people run into problems with promoting.

It is a like the difference between active earning and passive earning. If you focus on tasks that you have to work on to get results all the time you are going to get stuck at a certain level. With passive income you can build to unlimited levels.

It is exactly the same with traffic. If you are depending on your own actions to generate traffic then you will only be able to reach a certain level before you get stuck.

The Automated Traffic Solution

Instead of working on the here, there and everywhere system of traffic generation, you need to be working on building PASSIVE and fully AUTOMATED traffic.

With this system you will start off with a target of getting around 100 hits per day to your capture page, then increase that to 1000, 5000, 10,000 etc etc.

To get started with this system what you need to do is begin with a traffic site that offers fully automated traffic. You also need one that allows you to build a downline. For this I highly recommend you use the site called Infinity Traffic Boost (<<<click link to join)

Why Start With Infinity Traffic Boost?

This is a site that I have personally used for years, and I get a constant flow of subscribers joining my email list from it. It is a very good quality site that forces surfers to actually view the ads.

There are a huge number of very active members who surf ads daily.

In addition surfers earn some funds for viewing the ads. This provides a very simple and effective way to upgrade from manual traffic to passive traffic.

You can build the account up from manual traffic to a huge ad package that promotes multiple pages at the same time.

You get paid commission on both free member surfing, and on paid upgrades. This builds down to infinity levels.

How To Use Infinity Traffic Boost To Build Unlimited Automated Traffic.

The system on this site is exceptional for building unlimited traffic levels. Not only can you start for free and continually build the account, you can earn a huge amount of commission at the same time.

To use the account effectively I recommend you get into the habit of surfing at least 10 pages per day if upgraded, and at least 100 pages per day if a free member.

To surf you should log in to your account and click on the Surf Pages tab. You will need to complete a CAPTCHA to enter the surf system. When surfing you will need to complete the surfing verification test as well. This is a colour system where you have to click on the correct colour box to be awarded the ad credits:

After surfing 10 pages you will be shown the image below. It confirms your surf boost activation has been extended (this increases your commission levels from 30% to 80%). It also informs you that you have received a surfers reward pool share. This is what pays you for surfing – the bonus gets added to your account at midnight, so it will show the next day when you log in.

In my next blog post I will show you exactly how to add your capture page to Infinity Traffic Boost so you can start getting people onto your email list. I will also show you how to monitor your daily traffic levels so you can keep this number increasing as we progress with your training.

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6 responses to “Creating An Automated Traffic System To Promote Your Capture Pages”

  1. Uzo avatar

    Thanks so much. I will follow through.I appreciate you.

  2. David Kinghorn avatar

    Thanks for that Ellie, you are very thorough, I love your attention to detail I should take a leaf out of your book. Always have trouble with traffic I am here, there, and everywhere, must change.

    1. elliesaffiliates avatar

      Glad you enjoyed my post David. That here there and everywhere approach is why most people struggle with traffic…… it is much better to work in a way that gradually increases the number of hits you get on autopilot. It works better and is far less confusing and time consuming.

  3. […] explained in my post Creating An Automated Traffic System To Promote Your Capture Pages the first site that I recommend you use for traffic is Infinity Traffic […]

  4. […] explained in my post Creating An Automated Traffic System To Promote Your Capture Pages the first site that I recommend you use for traffic is Infinity Traffic […]

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