To Get Professional Results, Use Professional Marketing Methods

I get asked all the time “How do I make money with everything I do?” and How Do I build such big teams?”

Today I will explain the answer to both questions. It is all about learning to use professional marketing methods

I do not have some magic power, unless you call a determination to learn some kind of magic….. I simply put the time and effort in to find out what works. I do not stop until I figure it out.

Years ago, when I first started all this online earning stuff, I had no idea even about what methods of making money online were available. I searched and tried out every kind of free earning option I could find. I found some that worked for me, and I will be forever grateful, as they literally put food in my mouth.

Fast forward to now, and I have learned so much over the years. Mostly I have learned how to work as a profesional marketer.

Learning Professional Marketing Systems

Professional marketing systems make everything a lot easier AFTER you understand how they work. At first they make little sense, and they seem to be unneccessary to the untrained marketer. In a lot of ways they seem to make the whole process of marketing more complicated than they should be. For example, it is hard to understand why you should not promote a site directly, and promote a capture page instead. It just seems to take longer, right?

When you learn that this is necessary to build your own list of contacts, and create a relationship with them, it makes a little bit more sense. If you promote a site directly, then your referrals are added to the contact list of the site owner, and not yours. They are then usually impossible for you to contact. In fact they have no idea that you even exist most of the time.

If people do not know you even exist and who you actually are, then you will NEVER become an influencer. You can never teach them anything, and they will never turn to you for advice and guidance.

It took me a long time to figure out that professional marketing systems are extremely beneficial. They are about intercepting and inserting yourself into the process so you can become an influencer. It takes time to learn how to use professional marketing systems effectively, so at first they don’t seem to make much difference to your results. However, the sooner you start creating your own contact list, the sooner you will see the difference that it really makes down the line.

At first you will make all kinds of mistakes, and you will feel frustrated and incompetent. That was certainly the case for me, and of the majority of marketers that I have spoken to online. However, much like learning to ride a bike, or drive a car….. all of a sudden it clicks and you can do it. You simply need to keep doing it over and over and over again.

You also need to learn to look for the little signs that what you are doing is working. For example, look at the number of people on your contact list, and watch it grow slowly but surely. Look as well for the evidence that people are opening and reading your emails or blog posts over and over again. You will see that far before you see people joining a program that you wish to promote.

Focus on getting a professional marketing system set up and running. That means you have a capture page and an email list to save the details of your subscribers. That is the first step to success.

Getting Started is Simple

The only things you need to get started are:

  • A Lead Capture Page,
  • An Email List To Save Contact Details
  • Some Traffic

I recommend you use an account with Leadsleap for this, as you can start off with a free account. I paid a fortune for my first marketing system while I was earning nothing in return, so take my advice and join Leadsleap now:

Click Here To Join Leadsleap

After joining, then follow the instructions on this blog post to import a capture page that I created for you. It will tell you how to set up your email list to save the details of subscribers,and how to connect your page to your email list as well.

After that, focus on driving traffic to your capture page. Follow my guidance for this here: Promoting Your Capture Page on Infinity Traffic Boost

It will take a bit of time and effort, but if you stick with it then you will start to get people joining your contact list. Use Infinity Traffic Boost EVERY DAY.

You need to surf at least 10 pages a day on Infinity Traffic Boost to keep your account active and boosted for commission. If you are a free member I recommend you surf at least 100 pages a day as this will earn you the funds to pay for an upgrade.

When upgraded on Infinity Traffic Boost your system will work much faster for you, and you can add a second capture page. For now, just focus on getting this system set up and running. Work on it daily and you will soon start seeing results.

In my future blog posts I will teach you much more about professional marketing methods. Take the time to learn this skill and you will soon be building teams and making money like me. If you would like to get an email when I publish new blog posts just add your details to the form below:


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