What Do You Need To Succeed Online in 2024?

Just incase you haven’t noticed already 2023 is almost over and it has been a massively tough year for the majority of people in the world. The “normal” rules of success are not really working very well!

Practically everyone is under pressure in one way or another, and that makes for a very different landscape in marketing. Fact is if you do not pay attention to what is going on in the world you cannot reach the people you wish to attract.

Marketing to an audience who are happy, bouyant, optimistic and financially stable is easy. When there is a lot of negative emotion and instability around though you need to acknowledge the situation and adjust. Everyone is natually more cautious with their money, and luxury goods are passed over for more practical ones.

To succeed online in 2024, I recommend you focus on the practical side of marketing, and go back to basics.

There has never been such a high demand for ‘second income’ and of course working online fits around most other jobs. There are literally droves of people turning to working online who have never even considered it before. This means there is a huge demand for low cost and practical ways of making money. There is also a massive market for basic, how to get started level information.

Providing this information to others will place you in a very good position. It always has been important to build trust, to provide guidance, and to relate to the needs of your audience. Now it is just even more important.

How To Succeed Online in 2024?

In my opinion there is a need to focus on information delivery and keep in mind that money is tight. I have always worked with those who wish to start for free or low cost as a matter of principle, so my methods are highly relevant. Provide information on free and low cost earning options, but also practical ones.

There is nothing that outstrips the demand for advertsing online. This is the most practical option you can focus on. This is why my plan for 2024 will be to teach others, especially those new to the industry, about setting up advertising campaigns in a very budget friendly way.

I will be focused on providing practical no nonsense guidance. Explaining exactly what to do and showing how to do it.

Key to this approach is of course the use of blogging to provide the guidance. If you have not done so already, I recommend you join my team on Global Domains International, and use this account to host your own blog.

How To Get Started with Global Domains International?

This account is simple to set up, and you will get a 7 day free trial too.

Click Here To Register For A New Account (You will be placed under Colin who is one of my team members when you use this link). I write a blog post for all of my team members, so I will be writing one for you too when you join the team!

The registration process involves completing a few pages of information so I will explain these step by step. When you click on the link above you will see the main page:

When you click on the green sign up now free button you will be taken to the first page:

The username you choose is going to be part of your referral link so you might like to use your own name or a variation of that. Create a password, add your name, and choose INDIVIDUAL account type unless you have a fully registered business and you wish to use that name. Click on Continue

The next page will ask you to create some security questions and answers. There are various options for the questions in the drop down menus.

I suggest you use the first registration reason:  Interested in both the Income for Life and the Address for Life package. Click on the Captcha box and continue.

On the next page you need to fill in your address details, and confirm you accept the privacy policy:

The next page asks you to create a domain name. This is the address you will be using for your blog. If not sure what to use here then your own name is a good option:

Next you will be asked about domain privacy. You can activate this if you wish for a fee, but I don’t see the need for it as you will likely be telling people it is your blog anyway…..

Next you will be asked about the level of account you want. A basic one is fine, and you can upgrade later if you want to do so:

The last page asks for your payment details:

This is to pay your monthly subscription cost of $10 per month. If you do not have a Paypal account or card you can use a free account with Wise will provide you with a card number you can use.

Click Here To Open A Free Account With Wise

When you have added your payment method and completed the registration process you will see the “you’re online” page:

I now have another domain with GDI, for my Debt Dragon blog…..

To use this account as a blog I simply click on the login page link, click on WORDPRESS AND MORE in the main menu, then click a button to turn on the plugin:

On the next screen you can choose your wordpress blog as your primary domain and click on create:

The account will be turned into a wordpress blog for you within a few minutes:

When you receive the email confirmation you are ready to log in and create your first blog post.

Not sure what to write?

As long as you have joined my downline on GDI you have my permission to use a copy of this blog post.

I will teach you how to add your first post and explain how to start promoting it in my next post.

Ellie xx




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  1. James avatar

    Hi Ellie

    dont know if you can help with this
    I have joined GDI, but everytime I go to a new page it asks for my passport is this normal or am I doing something wrong


    1. elliesaffiliates avatar

      Contact support and ask them what is causing the issue – I have never heard of this happening before James.

  2. Henriette avatar

    Thank you Ellie I am this far will keep on reading.,and learning.
    Have a lovely day


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