How To Earn $10,000 Online?

I have a personal challenge at the moment…… which means I need to raise $10,000 as quickly as possible.

How to earn $10,000 online? Oh there are so many ways…….. however I refuse to put my own needs above that of my followers. I could very easily just set up a very simple system that makes money for me, but provides little or no value to others. Creating something that others can also use to make money is a lot more difficult.

How To Start?

I begin as always with the planning stage…… what options do I have? I start with the math:

100 sales of a product that pays $100 = $10,000

200 sales of a product that pays $50 = $10,000

1000 sales of a product that pays $10 = $10,000

Obviously I can use a combination of options if I wish, I just like to keep it simple at this stage to help me narrow down potential products to focus on.

Next I need to look at what products I know about that will meet this brief. Which of these options will be USEFUL to my audience?

The immediate thought that jumps into my head is TRAFFIC.

Everyone needs traffic…… so I need a really good traffic offer. Something that converts well. Something that is new possibly…… but is reliable.

Straight away I start to make a list in my head of the best traffic providers I know.

One jumps out at me as the obvious choice:

Over the next few days I will be setting up an ad campaign that focuses on the Infinity Traffic Boost Mailer. The plan is to use it to earn $10,000.

If you would like the details of my ad campaign you can join the specific email list for this below. I will not be sharing the information anywhere else…..

How To Earn $10,000 Online

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