The Main Reason New Affiliates Struggle To Get Sales

When I first found out about affiliate marketing I thought “wow that sounds easy”. Like most others I got the impression that all was involved was applying for an affiliate program, and then sharing your link with others. That gains sales for you and you earn commission.

It took me months to figure out why this approach just doesn’t work.

So, what is the main reason new affiliates struggle to get sales?

Now I am a professional marketer I can laugh at how niave I was back at the beginning of my affiliate marketing journey. Yet it was not my fault….. when you read about affiliate marketing this is exactly what you are told. All the adverts you see also make it sound so easy. Right?

Well let me be the first to say it straight: Affiliate Marketing is not easy in the beginning because you have no skills and no influence. It can take many years to get to the point of making sales really easily…… however there are shortcuts too.

What I want to do with this blog is to teach you about those shortcuts, as well as the main skills required for making sales on autopilot. However please do not expect to suddenly become a sales machine. The main thing that seasoned affiliates have, that new affiiates do not have, is a good reputation. They have spent the time slowly but surely building relationships with other people. Without doing that, affiliate marketing is HARD.

So how do you start working on this most vital skill?

There are many ways you can do it, even if you are not great at chatting to people etc. In my opinion the easiest way to do this is by writing a blog. A blog can and will attract the right kind of people towards you, as well as work for you in building those relationships. A blog can and will make affiliate marketing a LOT easier for you, and you can use it to sell anything you want.

The first thing that I will do is explain why a blog will make such a difference to your affiliate marketing success, then I will teach you how to start a blog that will work for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (yes even when you are sleeping). It is really not difficult, and don’t worry, I will tell you what to write as well!

In my next blog post I will explain a bit more about blogging and why it works. I will then show you step by step how to start an affiliate marketing blog that actually makes sales for you day after day, and I will tell you what to write in your first post. After that I will teach you how to share this post with others so you start to get views and followers.

Together we will succeed, and you will quickly start to see progress. I really look forward to guiding you on this incredible journey.

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