Done For You Affiliate Blogging -Third Blog Post

After setting up your blog on GDI and creating your promotion system as directed in Done For You Affiliate Marketing Lead Capture Page you should add a copy of the following blog posts to your own blog. Note that it is much better to adjust the posts even a little bit, to make them different from everyone else who is following this system. That will help you to stand out more as a professional marketer who understands the topic you are writing about.

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Done For You Affiliate Marketing – Second Blog Post

Third Blog Post

Title: Why I Started Blogging, and You Should Too!

One of the first things that I learned about affiliate marketing when I started using this system was how much difference it can make to have a blog of my own. Even just the fact that it is important to have your own online presence to be accepted by various affiliate networks is not something I was aware of before.

Of course it makes sense when you think about it. How can you build an online following if others have nothing to follow? Yes there are social media followers, but those platforms are designed to give people a snapshot, a quick attention grabbing headline. Just like a newspaper or magazine, the headline should lead you to want to read more of the story. Now I am writing that story.

By writing this blog I am creating a place for myself online, where others can find out more about who I am, what I am doing, and what I have done. It provides a trace of my development, showing others that I am not just new to affiliate marketing myself. It also allows me to provide real guidance, and assistance to those who don’t understand why they are struggling to get affiliate sales.

This blog also shows that I am willing and able to teach the skills necessary for online success. It sets me apart from other affiliate marketers who are just trying to make money by promoting product after product, which often have very little value.

I have to be honest and say I had no idea how to start, but step by step guidance was provided for me…. and that made it all very easy. I didn’t think I could do it, but here I am….

It eally has made a huge difference to my own affiliate marketing journey already, and I am learning a lot more about marketing skills than I was ever taught before.

If you are ready to make a start on learning about real affiliate marketing, then the best step you can take right now is to register for an account with Global Domains International using this link: [insert your ref link]. When you do that I will contact you and guide you on getting started ASAP.

In my next blog post I will be explaining more about how to set up a fully automated affiliate marketing system without spending a penny to do it. I really look forward to sharing this vital guide with you soon.







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