Done For You Affiliate Marketing – Second Blog Post

Hopefully by now you have your blog set up, your first post published and your lead capture page and email list set up as well. You should also have set up your first advert. If not, you should follow the directions in these posts before reading on:

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As I explained in the first blog post, what you are going to be doing in your blog is basically telling your subscribers how to set up their own affiliate blog. This will not only get you team members on GDI, it will set you up as an expert and increase your following.

It is likely to take a little while to build a bit of momentum behind your blog (and of course I will be teaching you how to do this), so do not expect it to start getting you results immediately. It might take off quickly depending on your work ethos and promoting skills, but it might not. It takes time to warm up your audience and get them to trust you.

Your first few blog posts are aimed at buiding the connection between you and your readers. You are NOT trying to make any sales as this will turn them off, you will instead offer them the chance to follow the same system as you.

What you want to do is work on is resonating with those who are reading your posts. This is not some fake copywriting BS, it is about being genuine and letting others get to know you better.

Your second blog post should talk about your own experiences with affiliate marketing so far and why this system appealed to you. I suggest you use the title “My Affiliate Marketing Journey”

Now I can’t give you a copy and paste post for this, because it needs to talk about YOUR story. I can give you some pointers and questions to help guide you on what to write though…..

Start off with “When I first found out about affiliate marketing, I” [felt and thought what?]

For example, were you excited? Were you skeptical? Did you think will this work for me? Whatever you actually felt and thought should be included in this post. It doesn’t matter if it was positive or negative, it is YOUR story.

Next talk a bit about your experiences of affiliate marketing. If you made no sales before then say it. If you have made some sales but not been able to scale up, then say it. If you started off making sales and they dried up then say it.

After writing about your experiences so far with affiliate marketing, you should add something about the system I have set up with regard to blogging. What appealed to you about this system? Did it seem different to what you tried before? If so why?

You can read about my personal affiliate journey should you need some inspiration about what to write.

Include this paragraph at the end of your story:

*** Copy Text Below****

“Basically I wasn’t getting the sales that I wanted to get, and I wanted to try something different to see if it worked or not. I was keen to learn more about making sales on autopilot, and so I registered for the system and started setting it up. I will tell you more about my experiences and results in my next blog posts. I will email you when I have published a new post….”

*** End Copy Text***

End your post with the text below and place your GDI affiliate link in the “click here to register” bit. If you do not know how to make a clickable link let me know below that you need guidance on doing that.

***Copy Text Below***

PS If you are curious about how to get started with the system that taught me so much more than ever before, simply [click here to register]. You will get a 7 day free trial when you do.

After you join I will contact you on the email address you used to register and I will guide you on what you need to do next.






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