Done For You Affiliate Blogging – Start Promoting Your Capture Page

Ok, it is time now to start promoting your capture page if you have completed all the previous steps outlined in these blog posts:

WordPress Blog Set Up with Global Domains International

Done For You Affiliate Marketing First Blog Post

Done For You Affiliate Marketing Lead Capture Page

Done For You Affiliate Marketing – Welcome Email

Promoting your capture page will get you email subscribers to share your blog posts with.

The first thing I suggest you do is add your own email address into your capture page subscriber form. Ths will let you see your system from the perspective of others, but will also allow you to test that it is fully set up and working as it should be.

If it works properly then you should see a notification telling you to check your email address for a verification email. You should also receive a copy of the welcome email. In addition you should be redirected to your first blog post. If all of that happens you can then start promoting your lead capture page.

How To Start Promoting Your Lead Capture Page

There are lots of different ways you can promote your lead capture page, and I will of course teach you about each of them. For now I recommend you add it to the advertising section of Leadsleap.

To do this click on either the Post Credit Ads (free option) or Post Pro Ads if you have upgraded on Leadsleap. Upgraded members ads will run on complete autopilot, while free member ads require you to surf for ad credits. Both work well, the free method is just more time consuming.

Adding the advert is the same regardless of the account level. You will see an Add A New Ad button at the top of the page along with a form to fill in about your ad.

The URL box is for the address of your lead capture page. You will find the link on your Page Manager section of Leadsleap. Simply fill in the form to create your ad and click SAVE & SUBMIT button at the bottom. You can search on google for an image to ad that is related to affiliate marketing.

Here is a copy of my ad on Leadsleap:

After adding your ad to Leadsleap, you need to surf pages to get ad credits if you have a free account. Doing this will also earn you a little cash from the daily bonus.

To surf pages you just need to click on any advert that you see on the side of any Leadsleap page. This will open the ad viewer page. The advert you have clicked on will show in the main part of the screen, while the toolbar is over to the left side.

When you have viewed 1 ad you will see a notification that you have started surfing at the bottom of the toolbar. Note that on Leadsleap you will earn more ad credits by viewing the ad for longer, scrolling up and down the ad page, and clicking on buttons etc. This makes Leadsleap a very good site for advertising as people actually pay attention to the adverts. If you view at least 10 ads you will qualify for the daily cash bonus and funds will be added to your account the next day.

When ready to view a different ad simply click on the Show More Links Button and choose another ad to click on. The number of ads you click, along with credits earned will show on the bottom of the tool bar.

If you are an upgraded member of Leadsleap you do not have to surf pages to get ad credits. The ads will run for you 24/7.

Note if you upgrade within the first few days of joining Leadsleap you will get a discounted membership fee. You will also get a total of 20 ad spaces (10 pro and10 credit ads). As the discounted membership fee is $19.95 per month instead of $27, this means you can run each advert for $1 per month. That is a very good deal in my opinion – I always get great results from my ads on Leadsleap and the price is much cheaper than other sites that get less results.

In addition you will get access to many more benefits when you have upgraded which I will explain more about later.

Now you have added your advert to Leadsleap, you just need to get views which will turn into email subscribers. Keep your ad running on Leadsleap and that will automate the list building part of affiliate marketing for you. If you are a free member that will require you to surf ads every day to get ad credits, Pro members can set up ads and just let them run.

In later blog posts I will tell you about other sites you can use for promoting your lead capture page. The more sites you use the more followers you will get, and the more sales you will make.

So you do not miss any of my blog posts, just add your details to the form below if not already joined my email list:



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