How To Earn $100 Fast Online

I get asked all the time “How To Earn $100 Fast Online?” and this question is often followed up with “by the way I have no money to spend”. So is it possible?

YES of course it is possible…..

Last week I earned $297 in a few days by using a site called 100 Percent Clicks, so this is the perfect opportunity to share how I did it step by step.

Step 1 = Register for Free

First thing I did was of course to register for an account. You can click here to join it for free.

You MUST verify your email address before you can proceed.

This is a traffic site that can be used to promote ANY opportunity to the members. You will get a lot of emails from the other members who are doing that so be prepared for those (its a good thing which I explain later).

Step 2 = One Time Offer

After joining and confirming your email address you will be presented with a one time offer to upgrade your account for $25. You do NOT have to do this, but it is very beneficial to take it. The offer provides you with all sorts of additional advertising, but it will also qualify you to earn a lot more than free members.

Free members are limited to receive just 1 commission. This is most likely going to be from someone you refer to the site purchasing this one time offer. You can earn $20 – $25 commission from this offer, so if you want to earn $100 fast you are going to have to upgrade at some point. You can upgrade after earning some commission if you want to do that, though the reduced price offer may be changed at any time.

I purchased the $25 upgrade as soon as I joined the site.

Step 3 = Set Up Payment Methods

You can earn 100% and immediately be paid that commission for the upgrades and purchases made by anyone you refer to this site. If you do not set up the payment methods you earn less commission and it is delayed payment as the admin has to do it manually.

There are many different payment options available, and a video on site will show you how to set these up.

Step 4 = Start Promoting The Site

There are many different ways to promote the site to others. The first option I chose to work on was to send an email out on other traffic sites.

Click Here For Details of The Email and Sites I Used

I did this first to try and make my first sale quickly. Sometimes this method works and sometimes it doesn’t. Often you do have to send out a lot of emails over and over again before you secure the first sale. I was lucky enough to get a sale from the first email I sent out.

Step 5 = Keep Promoting The Site

When you send out the emails to other traffic sites it is a bit of a lottery. Sometimes you get lucky like I did, but it can be hard work for no return at all. Especially when a new traffic site has just been launched you will be competing with many others who are also trying to get referrals and sales. It is much better to use alternative methods of promoting AS WELL AS using the email traffic sites option.

In addition to the emails I sent out, I also posted on my Facebook Profile and in my Facebook Groups. Because I have built up a good reputation with my followers and group members on Facebook I was able to get quite a few referrals this way. I also managed to secure another couple of sales by doing it.

Next I sent out an email to my email list. I have thousands of subscribers and I add more people to that list on a daily basis. I included a screenshot of the commission I had already earned in this email. I secured several more sales from doing this.

I repeated the Facebook posts and email a few times, including the updated commission screenshots. Again I got more referrals and sales.

After doing that, I wrote the blog post that I linked above. Using my Leadsleap account I then set up a fully automated system of promoting it. That system uses a lead capture page to bring in new email subscribers to my list and it automatically sends out a link to the blog post I wrote. This got several more sales for me on the same day:

Now it has been at least a week since I set up my automated promoting system. It continues to generate sales for me every few days, and I will just let this keep running forever.

However I do not stop at that. Just like I have done today, I will write more blog posts about 100 Percent Clicks and I will send those blog post links out to my email list and share in my groups.

I will create new capture pages to automate the sharing of these new blog posts too.

This is how I manage to reach 1000+ referrals on a single site. I do not just promote it once, and I do not use a single method of promoting either.

Step 6 = Use The On Site Advertising

A very important part of the process is to actually use the advertising provided on the 100 Percent Clicks site. You DO NOT use this advertising to promote 100 Percent Clicks, instead you use it to add people to your email list.

I use this site advertising to promote my other capture pages and related blog posts. This builds my following, gets referrals for me on other opportunities, and ultimately makes me a lot of money.

This is why the emails that are sent out from 100 Percent Clicks are a good thing. When you open those emails and read them you will see a link inside those emails that allows you to earn more advertising credits. Clicking these also enters you into a daily draw for cash and advertising related prizes…..

Using this option even free account members can use this site to help them build their own email list. Just click the links in the emails to earn advertising credits, then use those ad credits to promote a lead capture page.

In my blog posts I share the codes for importing the lead capture pages that I am personally using to add subscribers to my email list daily. Use those pages, follow the instructions that I am providing, and you WILL start to get results.

It may take a little time, but you will become a marketer using professional marketing skills. Keep reading and learning….. I am providing ALL the information you need to succeed online in my blog posts.

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  1. Mr Duncan MacFadyen avatar
    Mr Duncan MacFadyen

    I wish to get step by step instructions on how to set up my gdi blog to get sign ups in gdi please?

    1. elliesaffiliates avatar

      I have sent you an email to your registered GDI address already to discuss our coaching plan.
      I will send it again now.

  2. Mario Edgar avatar

    You tell me that you also work with leadsleap, because I also have an account on this platform, for a long time. Also, I am registered on facebook, instagram and twitter. Also, I have a platform on Facebook, which I don’t know how to do, I want you to help me, it’s called MULTIPLE COMMERCE, but up to that point I’ve been stuck, I need to get it going. Can you help me?.

    I appreciate your attention, I hope to receive answers from you very soon.

    Thank you.

    1. elliesaffiliates avatar

      Yes I will happily help you Mario, what would you like guidance with first?

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