Lead Generation & Management Using Leadsleap

Lead generation & management is a very important part of working online. In fact I would go so far as say if you do not know how to generate and manage leads then you will ultimately fail.

Every single business (online and offline) needs to have some kind of system of generating leads, because without leads you have no business. Your leads are the potential customers or team members that you will be working with. Not every lead will turn into a customer or team member, but every customer and team member will have started off as a lead.

How To Generate Leads

There are many different ways to generate leads, especially for an online business. For example you could use social media and create a business page or group. However you need to find a few people to add to a group to get it started.

Another method of lead generation is to use a lead capture page and paid advertising. You can run a lead generation campaign on social media too.

Other methods of lead generation include:

  • Using a website or blog like this one, and utilising search engine optimisation.
  • Using affiliates to sell a product for you.
  • Purchasing leads.
  • Paying other marketers to send an email to their personal lists.

Lead Generation Problems

The main thing you need to careful about with lead generation is that the leads you get are genuinely interested in the product or opportunity that you want to promote to them. Often programs where you can purchase leads, or even sending emails to other marketers lists can fail to get you any relevant leads at all.

The main problem is usually because they are not correctly targeted to be responsive to the offer or opportunity you want to promote. In addition some lead programs or marketing lists are not providing real leads at all, but simple bots designed to show clicks happening.

You will ALWAYS get much better results by learning how to generate your own leads using highly targeted campaigns…… however this can take time and skills that you might not have yet.

How Does Leadsleap Help with Lead Generation and Management?

If you have read my post Advertising on Leadsleap then you will know already that this site allows marketers to get their ads seen by other members. This is a traffic exchange system where members are basically viewing other ads to earn ad credits, which in turn allow for advertising to its other members.

Although this is not always the best method of advertising, it is reasonable in terms of targeting if you are in the work online niche. Pretty much all of the 100,000+ members of Leadsleap are involved in working online. Not all of the members are interested in new opportunities however, so it is important that you learn how to gain a much more clearly targeted audience.

This is where the marketing tools provided on Leadsleap come into play. The tools include a Lead Generation Capture Page Creator. Using this tool correctly will allow you to start targeting (or selecting) a much more receptive audience for your offer/opportunity.

When using the Lead Generation Capture Page Creator on Leadsleap you can also link this to the lead management system also provided. For example, you can store the leads within your Leadsleap account, and then send out an email to everyone on your leads list.

Although there is much more to lead management than simply targeting, storing and emailing, this forms the basis of a full marketing system. It is important that you learn how to complete these basic steps before looking at the more complex marketing strategies.

I highly recommend that you begin working on Lead Generation using my first done for you campaign to help you get experience of working on this vital skill. After setting up your first campaign you can repeat the steps to set up any campaign you wish.

My Done For You Campaign

The first thing you need is to have something that you are going to be sharing with your leads. Personally I use blog posts to do this as I find this to be the most effective method of sharing information. Blog posts have many advantages over other methods as I have explained already in Why Affiliates Should Write A Blog

My done for you campaign will provide several blog posts for you, as well as the lead capture page that I personally use. I also provide step by step guidance on creating the email list, a pre written welcome email, and I even explain how to start promoting your lead capture page.

You will need to have an account on Global Domains International IN MY DOWNLINE to have my permission to use my done for you campaign. If you already have an account on GDI you can open a second account with them without any issue.

Click Here To Register on Global Domains International

After joining please follow the guidance provided below:

WordPress Blog Set Up with Global Domains International

Done For You Affiliate Marketing First Blog Post

After joining my downline on GDI I will contact you via the email you use to register there. I will provide you with the rest of the campaign and the step by step instructions on setting everything up to run on complete autopilot.

You will also qualify for my free one to one coaching program after joining GDI. Note that I do have a waiting list for my one to one coaching – please allow me 7-10 days to contact you.

Want To Learn More?

There is a lot more information that I will be sharing in my future blog posts. Do add yourself to my email list using the form below if you would like to get an email notification when I publish new posts.






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