You Will Make Money With Crypto Team Build Using This Plan

Crypto Team Build is a great little earning site, with absolutely HUGE earning potential. This program will teach you how, and will help you to turn $3 into $98,304.

Click Here To Join Crypto Team Build

So you can make the best use of this site it is important to know how it works if you want to make money with it.

Crypto Team Build is a matrix site and that means you need to get a certain number of paid referrals to fill a matrix and move forward up the levels.

Crypto Team Build has THREE positions available in each matrix. So you need to gain 3 paid members to completely fill the matrix and that is when it cycles (or restarts).

Each matrix level will pay you double the cost of entry, so level 1 costs $3 to join and it pays you $6. When you sponsor other members you will also earn another $3 when they complete a matrix cycle. So your earning is as follows for level 1:

First paid member = $3 commission for you

Second paid member = $3 commission for you

Third paid member = $3 for your sponsor

This means that you can keep earning those 3rd payments over and over again when you get referrals who gain paid referrals.

Each level has a higher entry cost but always pays double, so level 2 costs $6 to join and pays you $12 commission. You also get another $6 sponsor bonus on the 3rd position of your referrals.

There are 15 different earning levels on Crypto Team Build. This is how you can turn $3 into $98,304.

My Crypto Team Build Plan

My plan with this site is very simple. The more I help my referrals to gain paid referrals, the more I will earn at the same time. My referrals make money from the first 2 positions and I make money with the 3rd one.

To move up the earning levels I also need my referrals to move up the levels. We all make more money when that happens.

So here is my suggestion to help everyone….. as well as using Crypto Team Build I will ask all of my many contacts to join the site called Earn Bit Moon.

Click Here To Join Earn Bit Moon

Earn Bit Moon is a free faucet site where you can claim free money every 5 mins. It is only a little each time you claim, but of course with a team you earn commission and so it can really mount up.

If all my contacts agree to join Earn Bit Moon with my referral link (provided above and below) I can use it to generate a never ending flow of cash. I use that cash to basically fill the matrix positions for each of my team members.

This way I can make sure everyone gets paid referrals, and we all move up the earning levels to the top. The top position is what pays $98,304……

If you want to take part in this plan you just need to join Crypto Team Build and purchase the $3 position. Then join Earn Bit Moon with my referral link below as well, and agree to use it as often as possible to claim the free cash. Of course you will be making money with it at the same time.

Click Here To Join Earn Bit Moon

You can replicate this system by doing the same thing with your own contacts and by publishing a copy of this blog post too. Working together in this way is the easiest method of reaching the top matrix levels.

My Team Progress

To show that this system is working, and to show that I am filling the matrix positions for my team I provide the following evidence of progress. This also guides me and my team on who is next on my list as well.






3 responses to “You Will Make Money With Crypto Team Build Using This Plan”

  1. Raju mahtani avatar
    Raju mahtani

    I click on earnbitmoon daily and am on level 2. Very little earnings. In crypto team build I have less than a dollar. Please help me move forward soon.

    1. elliesaffiliates avatar

      Do you have any referrals on Crypto Team Build at the moment?

  2. Mike avatar

    I have a $1.25 and $3 position on cryptoteambuild, never seem to get referrals for this program.
    Also do EarthBitmoon daily normally 15-20 claims daily.

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