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Hopefully you have already read my previous blog posts about Shiny Ball Syndrome and have now made your $10 purchase. If not you can do so below:

The Shiny Ball Syndrome. Is It A $10 Miracle or All About The Hype?

Fast Track To Affiliate Marketing Success

If you have purchased The Shiny Ball Syndrome you might be wondering now how to promote it to maximise your sales……

As I always recommend for affiliate marketing, I suggest you publish some blog posts. If you have not started a blog yet then I suggest you read this post and get started today: Why You Need A Blog and How To Start One

If you have already joined my GDI team you are free to use my system as detailed below for promoting The Shiny Ball Syndrome. If not joined my downline on GDI then please do not use this material. It is very easy for me to find those who are using my marketing materials without my permission and I do report people for breach of copywrite.

Lead Capture Page

I have created this lead capture page for using with my copy and paste blog post:

You can import this page into Leadsleap with the code: page-aKZNZfDVZw

This page started getting me new subscribers and sales for SBS within 10 mins of using it.

If you need guidance on importing the Lead Capture Page you can find the instructions here: How To Import A Lead Capture Page Into Leadsleap

Blog Posts For Shiny Ball Syndrome

I will be creating multiple copy and paste blog posts for this campaign. The first of which is: Fast Track To Affiliate Marketing Success

This post is obviously designed to be used with the Lead Capture Page above.

You will notice that I provide additional incentives for purchases made for SBS in this blog post. The traffic site resource is this page:

I am currently creating a list of free traffic codes etc and will add that link here as soon as it is written (in a few hours).

The ongoing free training option is provided via your future blog posts.

I also recommend that you write your own review of SBS at some point. Review posts are very powerful and should be written in your own words and describe your own experiences with the program.

Welcome and Follow Up Emails

My personal welcome email is very straightforward for this campaign:

My follow up emails are simply a daily broadcast of my new blog posts or Facebook group posts etc. I do not often use a fully automated email campaign any more (I will explain why in another blog post).

If you wish to create a follow up campaign there is one provided for you inside The Shiny Ball Resources Section.

More Marketing Resources For SBS

I will be trying out various options, new lead capture pages etc. I will add a list of these resources below when I have created any new ones. Obviously there will be more blog posts too so I recommend you add yourself to my email list below if not already done so:






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