The Easiest Way To Get A Constant Flow of Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing can be really hard work when you don’t really understand how to do it properly. There are hundreds if not thousands of people who try and try and get no sales (or just a few).

There is one way that makes affiliate marketing a lot easier, while making money daily AND also creating a steady flow of affiliate sales. I have never seen anyone else teaching this method in all the years I have worked online, yet it works like clockwork. It is the system that I teach to others now, and it is actually very simple.

The system I use means that you are guaranteed to make some money on a daily basis. This creates some cash flow, which can then be used to pay for automated traffic. That means the longer you work on this system, the more successful you become.

My system involves using a free site for ad clicks which is paired with an affiliate product.

For example, I use the site called Ads by UAP for daily ad clicks. This pays around $0.10 per day when all ads are clicked. I pair this site with the affiliate site called Pick and Profit which pays $5 commission for each $10 sale.

Ads by UAP pays 50% commission for referral ad clicks, so with every 2 people who join using your referral link, and who use it daily, you double your earnings. This increases daily earnings, and over time you can easily reach earnings of $1, $5 or $10+ per day with this site alone. That is without making any affiliate sales at all.

Pairing Ads by UAP with Pick and Profit helps you get affiliate sales in 2 different ways:

  • The free site earnings can be used to pay for automated traffic, which promotes the system to others. This means you do not have to spend hours online trying to earn ad credits. As free site earnings increase over time, with a few referrals, it allows you to ad more and more automated traffic which increases your chance of success.
  • The free site can be used by anyone to cover the cost of purchasing the affiliate product itself. This increases the number of people who make the purchase of the product as well.

How Does This Create A Steady Flow of Sales?

If you work on getting just 1 new referral per day to join the free site, when they earn the funds to purchase the product they are much more likely to make the purchase.

Say it takes 30 days to earn the funds required, then you know 30 days after joining the free site they are likely to purchase the product, and you make a sale. To make a sale each day then you need to get just 1 referral to start using the free site each day. 30 days later you then start making an affiliate sale each day.

As earnings increase with each referral gained on the free site, the increased traffic levels from this makes it easier and easier to get several people per day joining the system.

In other words, the more you use the system, the more likely you are to make daily affiliate sales.

Does This System Actually Work?

My earnings on Ads by UAP are currently $16.85 and I have 60 referrals as shown below. Most of my referrals are active and click ads daily. I am earning approx $1 per day, every day at the moment.

Earning $30 a month is not much, but it also equates to 3 x $10 affiliate sales every single month which most new affiliates do not manage for a long time (if ever).

My earnings on Pick and Profit are currently $1116.86 as you can see below:

As I have 60 referrals on Ads By UAP, I am very likely to make another 60 sales on Pick and Profit. When I reach 100 referrals on UAP, I am likely to make 100 more sales on Pick and Profit.

I will share my earning balance again in a couple of weeks to see how many more sales I have made.

I look forward to showing you what has happened.

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3 responses to “The Easiest Way To Get A Constant Flow of Affiliate Sales”

  1. Tasneem Yusuf avatar
    Tasneem Yusuf

    Very good strategy. I have joined Ads by UAP and clicking daily. I have joined Pick and Profit snd upgraded with $10 as advisec by you. Now, how to go about it? And really and actually earn? As till date I haven’t earned anything from PnP.

    1. elliesaffiliates avatar

      On Pick and Profit you will make money from getting referrals. You get paid a small amount for getting free referrals, and also when people upgrade. The easiest way to get this happening is to share the strategy in the blog post with other people. Get them to join UAP and click ads daily, when they have withdrawn from there they use funds to upgrade on Pick and Profit.

      If you have not created a blog yet then you need to do that first. You share your blog posts (the copy and paste blog posts that I have provided) with others and they follow your guidance. This is what gets a constant flow of referrals…..

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