Creating An Automated Team Building Machine

Although this blog is mostly about getting affiliate sales, I want to teach you about automated team building as well. As I explained in my post The Easiest Way To Get A Constant Flow of Affiliate Sales, I personally focus on using free sites to help me create my highly successful affiliate system.

The free sites that I use are EXTREMELY VALUABLE for multiple reasons:

  • They allow me to teach people about earning from zero investment, which increases trust levels.
  • There are a range of simple earning tasks available, so offer something for everyone to use.
  • They are 100% suitable for beginners to use.
  • They can be used to fund entry into ANY paid program I wish to use.
  • My referrals can also use them to fund entry into ANY program.
  • They can easily be used to create ever increasing daily cash flow.
  • They allow me to build an ever increasing traffic budget.
  • They can be used to build teams for ANY opportunity.
  • There are many more people in the world who want to use free earning methods than paid ones.
  • They provide a very good stepping stone to using more advanced methods.
  • They provide a guaranteed method of making money online.
  • They are a great option to use to learn about team building and marketing, without spending money on paid programs first.

To be honest, there are so many benefits to using free sites as part of your online earning system, I could just keep on adding to this list of reasons to use them.

The main issue with using free sites is there is a widespread idea that they are a waste of time due to low earning levels. However, as you will see below this is actually what makes them PERFECT for my system requirements.

Why You Should Have An Automated Team Building System For Free Sites

One of the main reasons to have an automated system set up and running to promote free sites is because it creates a steady flow of passive income. When working on your own using free sites, the time and energy required to make a decent amount of money makes them much less appealing. However, when you have a team working with you, then you will earn a lot more with very little time and energy required.

It is the ultimate many hands make light work scenario.

It is from building a team on free sites that you can easily create unlimited advertising budgets, to promote ANY business you want on complete autopilot. Even just earning $0.15 a day with these sites can pay for a whole month of advertising which will get you started with Creating An Automated Traffic System To Promote Your Capture Pages

Lets look at how easy it is to achieve that goal using a site that pays $0.05 – $0.10 a day for completing simple ad clicks. With a team of just 2 or 3 people you can quite easily earn $0.15 a day instead. With a team of 100 people, your daily earnings can easily reach $3 – $5 a day. This amount just keeps increasing the more people you have on your team.

You can easily add 1000+ people to your team using automated team building techniques, providing daily income of $10+

As advertising needs to run on autopilot to free up your time, this is a great way to fund it. I can easily build a system for automated advertising with a small daily budget of just $0.15 a day, then scale that up when my daily income increases. The more team members I have, the more daily cashflow I can generate, and the more automated advertising I can run. The more automated advertising I have, the better the results I get long term.

This means to increase your success online….. all you need to do is build a team on a FREE site using automated methods.

How To Set Up An Automated Team Building System

The system for this is EXACTLY the same as the one used to promote your blog. You need an account with Leadsleap so you can import a capture page and create an email list. The only difference is you use a different capture page to attract different people, and you send them to a different page of your blog.

Click Here To Join Leadsleap If Not Already Joined My Team

After joining, click on the Page Manager tab.

This time you will use this capture page: and the code for it is: page-aQZJZwVMG

You follow the same instructions to import this page into Leadsleap, you create another email list, and write another welcome email.

If you need to read the instructions again for importing a capture page and creating an email list the link is:

Done For You Affiliate Marketing Lead Capture Page (Just remember to use the code page-aQZJZwVMG)

In my next blog post I will provide you with a different welcome email that works for this team building email list.

If you have not already joined my list for new blog notification emails you can do so below:





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