Effective and Fully Automated Team Building For Success

Learning how to fully automate your team building is 100% life changing. Most people struggle with team building for any opportunity they wish to build, but with automated team building you just set up the system once and let it run and run. When you can do it effectively you can easily reach 1000+ team members on ANY earning site. Don’t believe me? Just check out the number of referrals it has gained for me on just one of the sites I use:

This is because I use Automated Team Building techniques, combined with an Automated Traffic System. This allows me to build massive teams on practically any site I wish to promote.

The best thing about it is the referrals never stop coming in, and so my earnings just never stop growing.

Automated Team Building System Requirements

An automated team building system requires 3 effective parts for it to work properly:

  1. At least one lead capture page that targets and appeals to the right audience
  2. An ever increasing amount of targeted traffic
  3. Daily emails that are designed to TEACH people the skills they want to learn

The Lead Capture Page

Everything starts with the lead capture page. It should be designed to stand out from others and to resonate with your target audience. It should encourage people to add their contact details AND to check for the information they want.

Some capture pages can be very basic, with just a headline and a form for the email address. Others can be very detailed.

The main thing a lead capture page needs is a headline that makes people from your target audience stop and pay attention.

I have tested literally thousands of lead capture pages, and am very happy to provide my readers with a copy of all my best performing pages. I will be creating a resource page just for that very soon, so do keep an eye out for that being added to my blog.

For Automated Team Building I tend to use this capture page: https://lllpg.com/buildincomeonlineteam/ and the code to import it into Leadsleap is page-aQZJZwVMG

Click Here To Join Leadsleap If Not Already on My Team

Follow these instructions for importing pages into Leadsleap and creating an email list. When you have done that you need to work on traffic generation and writing emails.

Targeted Traffic

The traffic source you use is absolutely vital to your success. For example, if you are promoting a site that only works in the UK, then do not use traffic sources of people who do not live there.

The more targeted your traffic is, the more effective it becomes. However, highly targeted traffic is also expensive.

Personally I have overcome this issue by learning how to fully automate my traffic, and to target my promotions specifically to the traffic sources I use. Making money online becomes very easy when there is a match between the audience and the product you are promoting.

Daily Emails That Focus On Teaching Skills

When you have the lead capture page and fully automated traffic working for you, they will add a constant flow of new subscribers to your email list. If you have done your job properly, the subscribers you gain should already be interested in what you are going to be sending in your daily emails.

Most new marketers really struggle with the email side of automated team building. What to write? What will convince subscribers to join your team?

In my experience your emails should focus on teaching skills, and not on trying to convince anyone to join anything.

For example, you can say things like “if you want to learn about automated team building then you are going to need an account that provides certain tools. The account that I personally use and recommend for this is called Leadsleap. If you would like to join it my referral link is: ______”

This removes the need for any of the “sales” techniques that so often trips people up when trying to write emails for their subscribers. Focus on sharing information and explaining how to use a site instead of any hype or exagerated claims. Tell YOUR story of using it and let your subscribers decide if they wish to join it too.

A Welcome Email for Automated Team Building

Your welcome email is REALLY IMPORTANT as it can make the new subscriber decide to read your emails or ignore them completely. It should NEVER be used as a sales email in my opinion. It should be used instead to explain what you will be sending in your future emails.

Below is a welcome email you can use:

Subject: Thank You for Your Information Request – How To Succeed Online.

Thank you for requesting information about our online success system – This email confirms that you have been added to my online success email list. My name is ________, and I have been working online for a while now.

After trying many different things, and struggling to make any money online at all, I started working with a professional marketer and mentor called Ellie Murphy. Ellie created this success system and it works for everyone who follows it.

I confirm that it has indeed worked for me, and I am now sharing it with others.

In my follow-up emails, you will receive the details of this system and the guidance that will make you successful online – do mark my emails as important so you don’t miss them. The emails I send will teach you how to build a daily income that never stops growing IF you follow the guidance.

I look forward to helping you to succeed online.

To your success!
Best Wishes
(Enter your name)

PS if not already done so I recommend you also join our team Facebook Group where we provide one-to-one guidance and support to really make sure you reach your goals:

Ellies Automated Team Building Training | Facebook

Hope to see you there.

More Automated Team Building Training

It takes a little time to get good at using automated team building. Setting up your own system with a capture page and an email list is the first step that you should take. After that, start working on the traffic part. Without this working well for you, there will be no subscribers. No subscribers means no-one joining your team on anything.

In my next blog post I will provide you with more guidance on traffic, including how to add your capture page to the sites, and how to monitor traffic levels.

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