How To Create A Lifetime Automated Commision System That Never Stops

To create a lifetime automated commission system is quite easy when you know how to do it. It is all about having a 3 tier system and an automated team builder page to get a steady flow of referrals. If you would like guidance about automated team building please just comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Your referrals start at tier 1 and make constant progress to the other levels.
The secret is to keep it simple so others can duplicate your results.

You NEED to include a free method of getting started so people can work on this if they wish to.

Here is a system that works consistently for me:

The Free Method

I use 3 free sites so I can provide a variety to my referrals. Some people use 1 site and others use all 3, so I recommend you join each of them.

Earn Bitmoon
Ad Rev Split
Ads by UAP

Spend about 10 mins a day using these free sites yourself (it will be worth the effort I promise).

The Basic Commission Sites

I use the following main commission sites so I can provide a variety to my referrals.

Crypto Team Build (Join Free and I Will Pay Your Way into the $1.25 Basic Level)
Pick And Profit (Join Free and Upgrade for $10 when earned from free sites)
The Shiny Ball (Join Free and Upgrade for $10 when earned from free sites)

Of course you can upgrade before earning if you prefer to do that.

The Monthly Commission Sites

Monthly commission is the real key to success online. It generates a lifetime of earnings that never stops growing. I use the following monthly commission sites as they start from just $5 a month:

The Click Engine (automated traffic)
Ez Clix (automated traffic)
Leadsleap (automated traffic)
Global Domains International (automated SEO traffic)

After upgrading on all of the accounts myself, I started to use commission generated on the free sites to help others move forward faster.

It works like a charm.

Ellie xx


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