Easiest Team Building Ever

A lot of people really struggle with team building, and when I began working online I did too. I tried all of the options I was being told about, such as posting on socal media, and sending messages to my friends, but it was truly an awful experience. I was so uncomfortable, and had no idea what to say either, and when I asked for help I was just told “it gets easier with practice”. It didn’t…..

There was a lot of focus on trying to convince people to join my team when using these methods, and on challenging negative thoughts of others too. I spent a long time trying to learn how to do these things, but I never felt comfortable or confident doing any of it.

Something I found much easier, and much more effective was just writing down a record of the sites I was using, how I was using them, and how much I earned. Little did I know back then, this was the beginning of ‘learning to teach’.

Teaching others about working online is now my sole aim. I want to help to remove the barriers to success, and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. By focusing on teaching others, I totally forgot about this idea of trying to be a ” good sales person” and I spoke about the how and not the why. A blog gave me the perfect platform to do this.

Why A Blog Makes Team Building Easier

A blog post is a very easy way to provide clear direction to others. It can easily be shared on social media, and in emails, and other online messages. A blog also tells a whole story and not just a snapshot.

In addition, what better way is there to provide social proof that what you are doing is actually working? Providing a trackable history of earnings, as well as guidance on how you are doing it….. that allows anyone to see how you started out, and how you developed over time.

A blog tells YOUR STORY, and that is the most effective tool you can use. Telling your story is a natural human instinct, and listening to stories is interesting and fun too. Most people are curious and want to know about the lives of other people.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a weight loss product, a skin product, a better health drink, learning to fly a plane, trying to make money online, or anything else you can think of doing. You can write about your experiences, and the best part is this is often of great interest to others. It is especially of interest to people who are wanting to do the same thing as you are doing.

How A Blog Creates A Following

When you write a blog, people will enjoy following your progress and cheer you on, as well as see how you are doing it. You can give direction, and make it a lot easier for people to follow your plan, while also providing the proof that it works.

By using this approach, not only do you attract others who want to learn from you, the simple act of writing about your experiences ecourages and motivates others to join in too.

A blog post explaining how to use a site, and the results you get from using it, is much more effective than any attempt to convince someone to join your team.

How A Blog Helps You Gain More Active Team Members

Blogging also helps you to gain ACTIVE team members too, because they are following your guidance which shows them what to do. No-one is left without guidance, trying to figure out how to use a site that you recommend.

This makes your team building a lot more effective as well. You need less people on your team when you have more active people joining you.

How A Blog Removes Barriers To Team Building

Even more important…..a blog actually removes a lot of the barriers to success online. For example, when you show others the proof and guidance together, it shows other people that they have the ability to do what you are doing too. No challenging of negative thoughts is required.

A blog provides the easiest team building tool ever, because it does all the heavy lifting work for you. It attracts people towards you via search engine traffic, it helps you to stand out from others as someone willing to teach and share information, it encourages others to follow your progress, and by including your referral links in post it actually gets people signed up for you too.

By writing a blog you will start to see people joining your team on multiple sites, without you even looking for or speaking to potential team members. It actually seems like a magic trick because people just seem to join your team out of no-where. It happens again and again and again as well. The more you blog, the better it gets.

Team building just happens naturally when you simply share information.

Try it for yourself, you will be amazed at what happens.

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In my next post I will show you exactly how to complete the registration process for joining GDI. Make sure you are on my email list using the form below so I can let you know when that post is published.

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