The $100 A Day Team Building System

To work on my $100 a day team building system you need to have an account with Leadsleap. This account is used to create your own email list.

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There are 3 main parts to the team building system:

  • The Lead Capture Page
  • The Email List
  • The Information Emails

Below you will find the guidance for setting up each of these main parts of the system. Follow the step by step guidance to set up your own team building system.

The Lead Capture Page

The lead capture page for this plan is:

The code to import it is: page-aCGwvVSGG

To import the page into your Leadsleap account click on PAGE MANAGER, then add new page. Give the page a name – I recommend “100 A Day Traffic Site Plan”

Click on the Add A New Design Button and you will see the import design box.

Enter the code in the box and click on Import Now

The Email List

After importing the page you need to create an email list to save your subscriber details. This time you click on the LIST MANAGER then add a new list. Give it a name – I recommend “100 A Day Traffic Site Plan”

After adding the list you need to activate it. To do this click on the cog icon and you will see the List Customization Form. Complete the formas directed and click the save and activate button at the bottom.

You should see the green ACTIVE notification under the list as shown below:

Connect and Test Email List

Before you start promoting your Lead Capture Page make sure that you have connected the page to the email list and tested it is working ok.

To connect the page and list open the page manager and click on the launch editor button. Click on LIST in the editor menu and you will see the following:

Click the Get List ID button and choose your new email list from the drop down menu. Click on the green save button which you find at the top right of the screen.

The page and email list are now connected.

Test the page and list are working correctly by entering your own details into the page. You should get a verify your email address notification:

The Information Emails

The information emails are how you send the referral links and guidance to the people who subscribe to your email list. You need to set up the welcome email first.

To do this click on the LIST MANAGER and click on the single envelope icon. You will see the edit option appears under the list. Click on the pencil icon to open the email editor box.

The Welcome Email

Here is a copy of the welcome email that I send out to my new subscribers for this ad campaign:

Subject: Your $100 A Day Plan

~smartHi~I am delighted to share with you my simple and effective $100 a day plan.

Unlike most options that are available this plan offers 4 unique features:

No funds are required to get started.

The plan uses top rated traffic sites so will really push you forward in terms of gaining marketing resources and skills.

You can progress at a pace that suits you – if happy to pay a little initially you can do that, if you want to work to earn the funds first you can do that too.

You do not need to have a lot of referrals to succeed.

The plan begins with a single traffic site called Infinity Traffic Boost.
Click Here To Join Infinity Traffic Boost (You can move to my downline by opening a new account if you wish to do so. You might want to do that if you have an account and not getting support from your current sponsor)

On Infinity Traffic Boost you can surf for ad credits AND get a daily bonus which will pay for your upgrade.

Or you can purchase the first level traffic package with just under $4.
That choice is yours.

You need just 3 paid referrals to help you earn $7. This is used for the next traffic site upgrade. Of course if happy to pay for that upgrade before you earn it you can do so – that will give you a lot more traffic to gain referrals straight away.

We provide all the guidance and help you need to gain active and upgraded team members ASAP.

I hope you will join in with this plan – it really is a great one that works like clockwork.

More info on the next sites and the marketing tools provided for you will be sent in tomorrows email. Keep an eye out for that!

Best Wishes
Ellie xx

Follow Up Emails

Personally I use blog posts to provide the follow up information to my subscribers. I find this is the most effective method for many reasons which you can read about here: Why Affiliates Should Write A Blog. If you wish to copy my system and my blog posts you will need to join my team on Global Domains International.

Click Here To Join Global Domains International

If you join my team on GDI you are most welcome to copy each of my blog posts for my $100 A Day System. Please do not copy my posts unless you are in my GDI downline – I use this system to help my team members earn more from GDI. You are most welcome to open a second account on GDI if you have already joined it.

Next Steps

After setting up the team building system you simply need to promote the Lead Capture Page.

I highly recommend you follow the guidance I have already provided with regard to trafic generation in my post How To Create A Tornado of Traffic in 1 Hour Per Day

Want To Learn More?

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