What is The Leadsleap Traffic Co-op?

This week I have been talking about Leadsleap and explaining some of the main features it provides to marketers.

The fact is, the more you know about this site, the more useful it becomes.

It is quite understandable that the site is very much under utilised by the majority of its members. It provides so much value and so many tools that it can be tempting to stick with just using the basics. However doing that also limits your chances of success. For example if you do not use the traffic co-op you are missing out on a very powerful feature.

The Leadsleap Traffic Co-op

The Leadsleap Traffic Co-op is a great tool that allows you to focus your attention on using just a few traffic exchanges, but it lets you advertise in hundreds of other traffic sites with no extra effort.

It basically brings the work of all the active members together into a team that creates a much larger ad network.

For example if you and I were both using the Leadsleap traffic co-op and you shared your co-op link in 3 sites, and I share my link in 3 different sites, then both of our ads would be shown in all 6 sites.

Now take this idea and multiply it by the thousands of Leadsleap members who all use many different traffic sites. This means that by joining in with the co-op your ad can and will be seen practically all over the internet.

How to Use Leadsleap Traffic Co-op

It is very simple, you click first on the JOIN OUR TRAFFIC CO_OP link in the main menu. You can’t miss it, it is highlighted in red at the top of the menu:

This will take you to a page where you are provided with your co-op link. You can choose different settings on that page, such as including an ad bar and the ad widget. I will explain more about those options later.

To join in with the ad co-op you simply need to copy the link on this page and share it on other traffic sites. For example you might like to join Infinity Traffic Boost and share your co-op link there.

When you share your co-op link you will earn co-op credits. You can use the credits for advertising or conversion into cash via the credit encashment option which I explained in this post: How To Make Money With Leadsleap

When you use the co-op credits you have earned to promote your website, it will display in other people’s co-op links on all the different traffic sources where other co-op members are sharing their link. So even if you don’t advertise directly in a traffic source, another member of the co-op will and that means your ads will be displayed there too.

Get Paid To Use The Leadsleap Traffic Co-op

Leadsleap pays it members cash as well as ad credits to take part in the traffic co-op. The coop income can be earned in addition to the Daily Active Bonus and Credit Encashment earnings.

The earning amount you get from participating in the Leadslep Co-op ranges from $0.10 to $8 CPM (cost per 1000 clicks). The variation in payment depends on the uniqueness, location, surfing duration of the traffic and revenue generated for Leadsleap.

In other words the better quality traffic you send to the co-op link, the more money you will earn in return.

Why You Should Turn On The Ad Widget in the Co-op Link

The Ad Widget provided by Leadsleap allows you to earn Pay Per Click (PPC) income when anyone clicks on an ad that you have displayed. For example I can add the ad widget to this blog post as shown below. If any of my readers click on an ad in the widget then I will earn some PPC income. The ad widget looks like this when you share it:

Now think about what happens when you include the ad widget in the co-op link….. It gets seen on any of the sites where you promote your co-op link. This means there is a lot more chance of an ad being clicked by someone, so you increase the chance of earning.

To include the widget is very simple, you just choose the SHOW AD WIDGET option and click on save. Then share your co-op link on other sites and the rest is taken care of for you.

This means simply promoting your coop link can potentially make you money 4 times!

– Coop Income

– Daily Active Bonus (if you view 10 ads personally)

– Credit Encashment (if you encash credits)

– PPC Income (if visitors click your Ad Widget)

This is a very nice way to increase your income and your advertising levels at the same time.

Another Benefit For Upgrading on Leadsleap

There are many reasons to upgrade on Leadsleap, and I will of course explain more about that in another blog post. However, specifically related to the Ad Co-op I should point out that upgraded members ads will automatically be shown in the now much extended ad network that reaches all over the internet. That alone is a very good reason to upgrade on Leadsleap when you are able to do so. You can even use the various earnings options provided to pay for that upgrade in advance.

The upgrade comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me.

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