How To Make Money With Leadsleap

There are actually many different ways to make money with Leadsleap. Some of these are very simple and everyone can use them. Others are provided more for professional marketers.

The fact is Leadsleap is an incredible site and learning to use it is most definitely worth the time and effort. If you haven’t joined yet you can use the link below:

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You can use Leadsleap for advertising, for learning marketing skills and access to great tools…… but you can also focus on the making money with Leadsleap options if you wish to.

The simple options to make money with Leadsleap are:

  • Surfing ads from other members
  • Selling earned ad credits
  • Using the ad co-op
  • Using the tracker tool
  • Using the advertising to promote an opportunity

The other options are:

  • Using the ad widget
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing

Today I will focus on explaining the first 2 simple options:

How To Make Money with Leadsleap By Surfing Ads

The first option you should consider to make money with Leadsleap is via surfing the ads that other members have added to the site. This is a very simple method of earning, however it also gives you the chance to discover additional earning opportunities.

When you surf the ads you will get paid a daily surf bonus for EACH 10 ads that you view. So the more you surf the more you will earn.

To start surfing ads on Leadsleap you should log in to your account dashboard. You will see the ads over to the right side of the page. Simply click on one of the ads and the surfing window will open. Use the show more links button to move to another ad.

When you have viewed at least 10 ads you will qualify for the daily surf bonus payment, which is added to your account at midnight. The amount paid depends on the income generated on site on that day so it can vary.

To view your daily surf earning balance look down the main menu until you reach the EARN section. Click on the DAILY ACTIVE BONUS link and you will be able to check your earning balance, as well as the amount earned on each day you qualified for the bonus:

Remember when you surf ads you will also be earning ad credits. If you have any active referrals who are also surfing you can earn ad credits from them as well. You can see in the screenshot above that I am earning 30 – 40 credits per day without doing any surfing myself – this is from my referrals surfing activities.

You can use those credits to promote an opportunity to the members of Leadsleap, but you can also sell them back to the site admin for cash.

How To Make Money with Leadsleap By Using the Sell Ad Credits Option

If you wish to use Leadsleap for generating cash only and do not have an opportunity to promote, then you can use the Credit Encashment feature.

To use this you need to have at least 50 ad credits to sell. Due to the unique system on Leadsleap that does not equate to surfing 50 ads. You will earn more ad credits for spending more time viewing a single ad, and for interacting with that ad too.

For example, if you slowly scroll down the page while reading an advert you will earn more credits than simply viewing the ad. If you click links and buttons on the ad again you will earn more ad credits for doing that. This system is designed to avoid the fast surfing just for credits and not looking at the ads at all that happens on most other traffic exchange sites.

If you have earned ad credits that you will not be using then the credit encashment feature is worth checking out. Personally I have never used it as my ad credits are precious for promoting.

The amount paid for ad credits can vary each day, but also with the number of credits you wish to encash. You will get a higher amount if you encash early so do not save a lot of credits before you exchange them for cash.

On the day I am writing this blog post the amount paid is $0.1 per 50 credits:

To use this feature, go to the EARN section of the menu and click on CREDIT ENCASHMENT.

The funds will get added to your account balance which you can see in the MY EARNING & WITHDRAWAL section. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and you can use either Paypal or Wise for your payment.

In addition you can use your earnings to pay for a Pro upgrade if you wish to do so.

Want To Learn More?

I have a lot more information to share about making money on Leadsleap, and other methods too. If you would like to get an email notification when I publish new blog posts just add your details to the form below:






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  1. Edna Gatdula avatar
    Edna Gatdula

    Wow! Thanks Miss Ellie for the everyday new learnings.
    It seems I’m getting to love more LeadsLeap and you of course 🙂

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      Aww you are welcome Edna, I do love Leadsleap and you too!

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    Njenwie Abiya

    Thank You. And thank you for all the every day lessons. I am learning some thing bit-by-bit. Patiently, i look forward to the day i will make $1000 online.

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