8 Ways You Can Make Money Today For Free – $100+ Available!

With 8 ways you can make money today for free, you can pick and choose an option that suits you best, or you can try them all and see which you like.

Fact is there is money literally all over the internet just waiting to be grabbed. Today I want to explain the different ways you can get it.

How Much Can You Make Today?

Really you can make as much as $100+ or you can make nothing if you don’t actually follow the guidance provided….. The amount you earn today all depends on which options you are willing and able to do to be honest. I will do my best to help everyone earn at least $100.

Some options will depend on you getting paid referrals for you to make money, but not all of them. I have included a mix of these different methods to maximise your chances of success.

To use any of the methods provided simply click the links to join each site.

Please note that I may earn a small commission when you join a site using the links in this blog post. I ONLY share sites that I am using myself and am happy to recommend to others.

Method 1 – Free Rewards For Joining

You can actually earn $100+ in 1 day just by joining various online sites. I plan to write another blog post with a long list of free rewards you can claim. For now let me give you a few examples:

$14 from Actual Hits 4U – you will need to surf 1000 pages to earn $14

$5 from Brand Harbour – you will need to confirm your email address and follow the instructions provided in that to earn the $5.

$5 from Honeygain – use app to make passive income daily.

$3 from Hot Flash Hits – join and confirm your email address to earn $3

$1 from Diamond Hits – join and confirm your email address to earn $1

Ok so thats $28 right there….

These rewards are given as an incentive for you to actually use the sites and each one provides you with various ways to make more money. One of the best ways to do that is my method number 2.

Method 2 – Promoting A Program For Commission

Some of the sites in the list above are traffic sites. These are used mainly by people who want to promote some kind of work online opportunity so they can build a team on those. Most of those programs require funding first, but there are some you can join for free and still earn a commission IF you get a paid referral.

A good program to promote to people on traffic sites is….. another traffic site. For example, 100 Percent Clicks <<< Click To Join

(Please note that you will be shown upgrade options after joining, but you do not have to take any of them. You will also start getting emails from the other members. You can set up a filter in your inbox to delete these automatically if they are annoying you).

Free members of 100 Percent Clicks can earn a commission of $25+ when they promote this site. Free members are limited to earning ONE commission.

Thats us up to $53 already…..

That brings me to method 3.

Method 3 – Earn A Little To Create Leverage

There are many free earning sites online which offer all kinds of free ways to make money. Completing simple tasks and getting paid for them is one of the most popular ways to make money online. These tasks are low paid usually BUT they are a very good way to help you get started.

My 3 favourite free sites are Timebucks, Ads By UAP and Ad Rev Split.

Using these 3 sites you can quite easily earn $0.50 – $5+ in one day.

My advice with these sites is to use them as a stepping stone to higher earning or you will spend a lot of time and effort doing low paid tasks and never really make a decent amount of money.

For example, use the free sites listed above each day until you have earned $5 and use this to fund Crypto Team Build. Doing this moves you from earning pennies for ad clicks, to being able to earn thousands of dollars instead. That is a very good example of earning a little to create leverage. When I say leverage I mean earning a lot of money:

(I used this method to reach much higher level earning myself when I was starting out online)

Method 4 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online….. but most of the time you need to purchase a product to make commissions for selling it. One affiliate marketing product that I know of that sells well online and you can use as a free member is Instant Profits Club

Method 5 – Paid To Promote

There are multiple options you can use for paid to promote cash. Here are 3 that I use:

Easy Online Advertising

Leadsleap Co-op

Ad Exchange Leads

Method 6 – Lead Generation

Technically this is a combination between paid to promote and affiliate marketing. A site that I like to use for this option is Pick and Profit. You get paid for each lead you generate AND you get paid again if that lead makes a purchase later.

This is another great site to use with the earn a little to create leverage option. When you upgrade for $4 you can earn $1 per lead, or taking the $10 you can earn $5 per lead instead of the $0.10 earned as a free member.

I have upgraded for $69 and I earn $25 – $500 per lead.

Another site I use for this is Shiny Ball Syndrome. Again this is a site to use with the leverage option. Join free then use the free sites to earn $10 and upgrade when you can.

These 2 simple sites create a steady flow of daily commission for me.

Method 7 – Selling Personal Posessions

Pretty much everyone has something that they can sell for cash. Most of us have things that are just gathering dust in our cupboards, but other people are willing to buy. Old clothes, toys, books, games, gym equipment, hobby equipment etc etc…. the list goes on and on.

I recently made £50 in one day just selling old junk for 50p an item at a car boot sale. Of course you can use online selling sites too.

Fact is, you CAN make money TODAY in all sorts of ways. Making money in one day is really quite easy. Making money EVERY day is a lot harder.

Thats where my last method really stands out though.

Method 8 – Creating Daily Income

I have saved the best for last….. I am a marketer who works online full time. I generate a LOT of income every day. I do that by writing blog posts just like this one.

I want to help you to do the same with as little “I can’t do that” as possible….. so pay attention to what I say next!

Take a moment first of all and look back over the number of things that I am able to promote in this single post. By writing this blog post I make money every single day. I make money when people join the sites in this post for free, and I make more money as and when they pay to upgrade on various ones.

Why do people upgrade?

Well on the traffic sites upgrading makes it easier to promote because you can automate the process (no clicking for ad credits required). On other sites you earn more money by upgrading.

Mostly people upgrade because this post teaches people how to make money for free. When someone follows the guidance provided here they WILL make money. They see for themselves that what I teach in this post actually works.

Now if you want to make a LOT of money every day like I do, then I am going to make it very easy for you to do that. Here are the steps to follow:

Click Here To Join Global Domains International. You can register for free for 7 days, then you have to pay $10 a month to keep your account active. Follow the instructions below and it will easily cover your costs for maintaining your GDI account.

GDI is the account you should use for blogging. This single account will make you a lot of money every month when you use it. Check the screenshot below to show you the earning potential of a GDI account:

You have my permission to take a copy of this blog post ONLY if you are in my downline on GDI. Clicking the link above will add you below one of my team members so you will be in my downline. You can easily add a second GDI account if you have already joined it……

To use your GDI account as a blog platform read this blog post:

WordPress Set Up For GDI

Copy and paste this entire post into your new blog. Join each of the sites mentioned (you can join each one for free) and update the post with your referral links. If you need help with doing this let me know below.

After taking a copy of this page you just need to promote it. In my next blog post I will teach you how to promote it effectively using various free traffic sites.

Make sure you don’t miss that post…. bookmark this post and check back here for the link.


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