Building Trust Online is A Vital Skill For Affiliates

Trust is an interesting topic for anyone. We all know it is important in human relationships, but yet we rarely understand clearly where it comes from.

For some people, trust comes easily, and for others it takes years to build. We often rely on “gut instinct” when we meet a new person, and know that decisions about trust are often made within seconds.

When you take all of that general confusion into account, and add the online dynamic…. then multiply it with online scams, well that turns trust into a very complicated topic indeed.

How To Build Trust Online?

Perhaps the most important thing to explain here, is that trust cannot be forced or faked. There are no magic trust building buttons that you can employ. However there are a few things that you can take into consideration. For example, it is almost impossible to build trust without repeated exposure to another person. That involves putting yourself in places where you will be seen.

A common method of achieving this is via email marketing. You can send out regular emails to your followers so your name (or brand) becomes familiar. You can build an association between yourself and a specific image, or style of writing, or topic for example.

Most of my followers associate me with providing good information about marketing. I provide information and guidance that others do not or cannot provide.

In our culture we tend to place those with knowledge and experience in trusted positions. We trust doctors, solicitors, and teachers etc almost implicitly. Some people we even trust with our lives when we have never met them before. This gives an important clue about building trust online, and one that I certainly make use of. By providing information in my blogs about marketing, it becomes obvious that I am experienced and knowledgable about the topic. This is one of the main reasons that I recommend blogging to others.

Another important aspect of building trust comes from being honest and genuine. This is a massively important part of affiliate marketing. Being 100% truthful about your experience with a product when writing a review means your readers know that you are not hiding any negative aspects just so you can make a sale….. that builds trust. Or saying “I haven’t been paid yet” or “I am still testing this” also shows that you are not trying to hide information.

The main thing that your audience want from you as an affiliate is REAL information. Sadly in this field a lot of marketers seem to relish the idea of duping someone into making a purchase. The idea of making a “quick buck” is hard to resist for some people I guess….. but ultimately it leads to their downfall. Making repeat sales depends on being selective about what you promote.

One Main Rule To Follow For Building Trust Online

If there is one thing that I learned the hard way, it is NEVER promote something that you have not checked out for yourself. Personally I purchase many affiliate products that never make it onto my promoting list. I use the “if I don’t think it is good” rule when it comes to sharing products, services and online earning opportunities with other people.

At the end of the day, building trust is about doing the right thing. Do not put profit above that and you will become someone who is trusted online too.



3 responses to “Building Trust Online is A Vital Skill For Affiliates”

  1. Raju mahtani avatar
    Raju mahtani

    Building trust is vital.

    I am following you all the way.

    Thank you for your guidance and for your support.

  2. Edna Gatdula avatar
    Edna Gatdula

    Trust is a fundamental element in various aspects of life. It is the foundation of healthy personal and professional relationships. It allows individuals to rely on one another, confide in each other, and work together effectively. It is essential for effective teamwork.

  3. Henriette avatar

    I think that to develop trust online will the the major building block that will assist me in earning what I am aiming for online, Ellie do you perhaps have a course that will teach me on how to start wrighting my own blog.



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