Leadsleap Campaign Set Up

To set up the specific Leadsleap campaign I am using you will need to have an account with Leadsleap, GDI and Infinity Traffic Boost.

My links if you need them are:



Infinity Traffic Boost

If you are not in my GDI downline (10 levels) you will not qualify for one to one coaching from me to help make sure you have everything set up correctly and I will help my team with SEO settings etc too (so the blog posts get listed on Google and Bing). This coaching is provided via the email address on your GDI account.

If you are not in my GDI downline you also DO NOT have my permission to copy this campaign. This is just so I can help build the income levels for my GDI team Members. You can have more than 1 GDI account though so please join again using the link above if not in my team already.

Blog Posts

These are the blog posts that I have written for this campaign. I HIGHLY recommend that you use my blog posts as a template and do not just copy and paste them directly. Copy and paste will result in your blog not getting listed by search engines, so change the posts into your own words. You should also use your own images when possible.

I also recommend you publish one post at a time and send each one to your email list when you are doing that. This will help to gain some interest as you go. Don’t wait until you have the whole campaign finished to send your blog post link out.

What is Leadsleap and What Does It Do?

Advertising on Leadsleap

Lead Generation & Management Using Leadsleap

How To Make Money With Leadsleap

What is The Leadsleap Traffic Co-op?

Using the Leadsleap Tracking Tool

The next posts for this campaign will be added here soon.

Leadsleap Capture Page and Emails

The capture page I am using for this campaign is: llpgpro.com/leadsleapmarketingmachine/ and the code is: page-aCCNCwZWw

My Welcome Email

~smartHi~Leadsleap is an incredible site, and learning how to use it effectively has really increased my personal earning levels considerably.

There is a huge amount of value provided, even for free members, and in my opinion everyone who works online should have an account and learn to use it well. That is why I have taken the time to write this training course!

I am sure you will find it useful.

If you haven’t joined Leadsleap already (or if you want a new account in my team) please use this link: https://leadsleap.com/?r=ellieo

We start your training at the beginning with todays topic which is:

What is Leadsleap and What Does It Do? – Affiliate Blogging: How To Create A Blog That Gets Affiliate Sales on Autopilot

You might like to have a read of that even if you think you know what Leadsleap offers….many people don’t have all the information.

I will have another topic for you in tomorrows email, so do keep an eye out for it.

Best Wishes
Ellie xx

Follow Up Emails

My follow up emails are kept simple and provide the links to the blog posts. I am still writing these at the moment and will add a copy code for them here ASAP.

Blog Post Capture Form

I highly recommend adding a capture form to the bottom of your blog posts too. This usually gets my readers to add a REAL email address (not just a traffic site one that is swamped with emails).

I will be adding a blog post explaining how to do this ASAP. In the meantime include a link to your capture page…..

Traffic Levels

You should be working on the system to build a traffic tornado over time. If you don’t know how to do that yet you will find the guidance here:

How To Create A Tornado of Traffic in 1 Hour Per Day

Additional Campaigns

The more automated campaigns you have running the faster your blog will start working for you. The system is ALWAYS the same:

Write blog posts, set up capture page and email list, add capture page to AUTOMATED traffic site. This is why I recommend you focus on building Infinity Traffic Boost advertising levels. You should also upgrade on Leadsleap ASAP so you do not have to work on traffic generation = busy work.

More campaigns means you can target more people from a single traffic site……

Read this post too so you understand more about using this system:

Why Focus Attention on Less Traffic Sites to Scale Your Traffic Levels?

I will be providing more and more campaigns for you ASAP 😉

Ellie xx